All of my massages are booked by time, so each treatment can be tailored to your specific concerns. I am proud to use Crystal Clear Quartz Spa aromatherapy oils, I will begin your massage treatment with a smell test... you will choose your own oil by smelling 3 blends & I will use the oil you like the most, this one will suit your needs at the time therefore the smell test will be carried out every time you have a massage.

Swedish Massage

A relaxing , soothing massage with light to medium pressure applied , great for aiding lymphatic drainage, improve blood circulation and soothing achy, tired muscles.
  • Swedish massage

    30 minute Swedish massage
  • Swedish massage

    45 minute Swedish massage
  • Swedish massage

    60 minute Swedish massage

Deep Tissue Massage

A much firmer, localised massage. Trigger point massage is used quite frequently in this massage to alleviate any muscular tightness or scar tissue that can be causing pain. We recommend a course of 3-6 treatments , 1 every other week for severe pain or discomfort which can be discussed at your first treatment.
  • Deep tissue massage

    30 minute deep tissue massage
  • Deep tissue massage

    45 minute deep tissue massage
  • Deep tissue massage

    60 minute deep tissue massage

Nu-Me Signature Massage

A Swedish full body massage, a truly indulgent massage which is deeply relaxing to ease physical and emotional stress.
  • Nu-Me signature massage

    90 minutes

Quartz Spa Full Body Massage

Using a Rose Quartz massage crystal I will carry out a very soothing, relaxing full body massage. A full back scrub is performed at the start of this treatment aimed to help detox using an oil and salt scrub in the scent you have chosen, warm mittens are used to remove the scrub.

This massage is aimed to help rebalance and soothe your mind by performing a peaceful, light - medium draining massage. I will work on removing negative energy’s from your body’s chakras & a short meditation can be carried out at the end of the treatment if you wish.

  • Quartz full body massage

    90 minutes

Lava Shell Massage

Using a warm, self heating tiger clam shell from the Philippines to instantly relax and soothe away any tension, this 75 minute full body massage will leave you feeling a Nu-Me.
A Lava shell can also be used in Swedish or deep tissue massage as an add on, the shape of the lava shell is a great tool to help get even deeper into tight muscles along with the heat, a deeper more profound massage is experienced.
  • Lava shell massage

    75 minute lava shell massage
  • Pregnancy massage

    60 minute pregnancy massage
  • ADD ON Lava Shell

    Add on a lava shell to a swedish massage or deep tissue massage
  • ADD ON Back scrub

    Add on a back scrub to your massages
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