Beauty therapy is underestimated and how it helps your state of mind and well being.... it’s more powerful than you think. Whether is just a quick re polish, a 1 hour facial or 30 minute massage the results are all really beneficial. So we are offering 20% off all services between 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday, and 10% off 5pm-close Monday to Friday and Saturdays until the end of October to help you relax and to help us stay in business.

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Current Nu-Me offers

About Us

Nu-Me was established in 2006 as an at home/mobile set up. In 2008 the salon was opened in Kings Langley, Waterside - just off the hustle and bustle of the busy high street. This unique, quaint, grade 2 listed building has managed to retain the cosy, homely feel about it that it has become so popular for. We pride ourselves on providing the highest of quality treatments using only the best products in the industry to achieve results & comfort, delivering a tailor made treatment to suit individual needs & concerns. The Nu-Me team look forward to welcoming you, treating you and ensure you leave feeling a Nu-Me.



1/2 Leg - £21.00

3/4 Leg - £24.00

Full Leg - £33.00

Bikini Line (hair removed on knicker line) - £13.00

Brazilian (hair removed to a rectangular strip) - £24.00

1/2 Hollywood (rectangular strip left on pubis bone, all other hair removed) - £32.00

Hollywood (all hair removed) - £33.50

1/2 Arm - £15.00

Full Arm - £20.00

Under Arm - £10.00

Chin Or Lip - £8.00

Eyebrows - £9.00

Back - £22.00

Chest - £27.50

Ear Piercing - £20.00

Crystal Clear

One of the well loved skincare brands that not only delivers outstanding results with our treatments, their products are just as fantastic and a great way to compliment any professional treatment at home.


Microdermabrasion is a deep exfoliating, skin resurfacing treatment that results in brighter & clearer skin tone by stimulating cellular renewal simultaneously removing dead skin cells. A perfect treatment for sun damaged, scarred, dry, congested, dull lifeless skin.

30 minute Beauty Flash Correction - £35.00

60 minute Deluxe with Mask - £63.00

30 minute Back Treatment - £30.00

Oxygen Therapy

An intense hydrating , plumping treatment. Using 100% pure oxygen to penetrate Oxygen Serum packed full of anti ageing and hydrating peptides, deep into the skin resulting in visibly smoother skin. Perfect for sensitive, prematurely aged, dry, dehydration & fine lines.

60 minute Oxygen Therapy - £80.00

75 minute Microdermabrasion & Oxygen - £90.00

Microneedling / Frozen Facial

The most advanced anti ageing treatment in the beauty industry. Using micro needles to create channels in the skins structure to deliver stem cell serums (tailored to your skin concern) simultaneously stimulating your own collagen and elastin production. Using Cryo Oxygen to freeze the skin making it bloodless, comfortable treatment. The result is instant... plumped , lifted , tighter glowing skin.

60 minute Frozen Facial - £100.00

75 minute Frozen Facial Elite (inc microdermabrasion) - £115.00

60 minute H2O Glow (the party facial , using the smallest needle size for intense hydration and glow) - £100.00

Caci non surgical Face Lift

The UK‘s leading non surgical facelift, using a patented micro current to stimulate, lift & retain the facial muscles. Resulting in a firmer, more toned skin texture as well as smoothing fine lines.

30 minute Jowl Lift - £33.00

75 minute Full Face Lift - £65.00

45 minute Eye Revive - £49.50

ADD ON Eye Revive Drainage (fantastic for puffy eyes) £11.00

ADD ON Hydratone (intense hydrating mask penetrated into the skin using micro current) - £11.00

ADD ON Ultrasonic Peel (using micro current , a deep but gentle exfoliation , great for sensitive skin and fantastic prelude to all Caci treatments) - £11.00

Best results are obtained from a course of 10 treatments £600. 2 a week for 5 weeks then a monthly maintenance thereafter ,our maintenance Package is £700 for 12 treatments.

Jane Iredale Mineral Make Up

Lesson/Session - £47.00

Bridal (2 Trials & The Day) - £131.50


The world renowned and much loved, results driven skincare brand. Dermalogica is a firm favourite within the salon, for fantastic results in skin health and relaxation combined.

30 minute Pro Skin 30 (a hands on skin analysis treatment, targeting areas of concern) - £33.00

60 minute Pro Skin 60 (a hands on treatment targeting areas of concern combined with relaxation, touch therapy of you choice) - £58.00

10 minute Skin Solver (a quick hands on treatment to target 1 area of concern , a good introduction to a new product) - £10.00

15 minute Face Mapping Skin Analysis - Free Consultation

Hands & Feet

Using some of the best brands in the industry which deliver great results in the health of your nails, hands and feet as well as beautiful colours. Our brands include; Jessica Cosmetics, The Gel Bottle & Bio Sculpture.

60 minute Gel Overlay Hands - £35.00

60 minute Gel Overlay Feet - £35.00

90 minute Soak off, new overlay Hands - £38.00

75 minute Soak off, new overlay Feet - £38.00

45 minute Soak off hands & polish - £23.00

45 minute Soak off feet & polish - £23.00

75 minute Pedicure with Gel overlay - £52.00

60 minute Manicure - £28.00

75 minute Luxury Manicure (with hand exfoliation and heated mittens with mask) - £39.00

75 minute Pedicure - £40.50

90 minute Luxury Pedicure (with heated booties and mask) - £52.00

30 minute Shape and Polish Hands - £16.00

30 minute Shape and Polish Feet - £16

15 minute repair - £5.00

Eye Treatments

Eyebrow Tint - £8.00

Eyelash Tint - £15.20

Eyebrow Tint, Wax & Eyelash Tint - £26.30

Lash Lift Including A Tint - £50.00

Fake Bake

Spray Tan - £25.00


All of our massages are booked by time, so each treatment can be tailored to your specific concerns.

We are proud to use Crystal Clear Quartz Spa aromatherapy oils, we will begin your massage treatment with a smell test... you will choose your own oil by smelling 3 blends & we will use the oil you like the most, this one will suit your needs at the time therefore the smell test will be carried out every time you have a massage.

Swedish Massage

A relaxing , soothing massage with light to medium pressure applied , great for aiding lymphatic drainage, improve blood circulation and soothing achy, tired muscles

Swedish Massage (30 mins) - £31.00

Swedish Massage (45 mins) - £43.00

Swedish Massage (60 mins) - £53.00

Nu-Me Signature Massage

A 90 minute Swedish full body massage, a truly indulgent massage which is deeply relaxing to ease physical and emotional stresses

Nu-Me Signature Massage (90 mins) - £88

Deep Tissue Massage

A much firmer, localised massage. Trigger point massage is used quite frequently in this massage to alleviate any muscular tightness or scar tissue that can be causing pain. We recommend a course of 3-6 treatments , 1 every other week for severe pain or discomfort which can be discussed at your first treatment.

Deep Tissue Massage (30 mins) - £36

Deep Tissue Massage (45 mins) - £48

Deep Tissue Massage (60 mins) - £58

Quartz Spa Full Body Massage

Using a Rose Quartz massage crystal we will carry out a very soothing, relaxing full body massage. A full back scrub is performed at the start of this treatment aimed to help detox using an oil and salt scrub in the scent you have chosen, warm mittens are used to remove the scrub. This massage is aimed to help rebalance and soothe your mind by performing a peaceful, light - medium draining massage. We will work on removing negative energy’s from your body’s chakras & a short meditation can be carried out at the end of the treatment if you wish.

Quartz Spa Full Body Massage (90 mins) - £70

Lava Shell Massage

Using a warm, self heating tiger clam shell from the Philippines to instantly relax and soothe away any tension, this 75 minute full body massage will leave you feeling a Nu-Me.

Lava Shell Massage (75 mins) - £77

A Lava shell can also be used in Swedish or deep tissue massage as an add on, the shape of the lava shell is a great tool to help get even deeper into tight muscles along with the heat, a deeper more profound massage is experienced.

ADD ON Lava Shell - £8

Pregnancy Massage

60 minute Pregnancy Massage - £55


  • We offer treatments for men and women
  • Gift vouchers are available. These are valid for 6 months & are non refundable. All gift vouchers that expired in lockdown will be valid until 31st December 2020
  • We run a 48 hour cancellation policy, if an appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice 50% of the treatment booked will be charged. If an appointment is cancelled on the day 100% will be charged
  • 24 hour patch tests are required for tinting and lash lift
  • We accept all major credit cards except American Express


Cleanliness has always been at the forefront at Nu-Me and it is one of the things we have become well known for. We are taking extra precautions now throughout this pandemic which include
  • facemasks, face shields, disposable aprons and gloves will be worn by us when carrying out your treatment
  • we have removed all soft furnishings as advised by the government
  • Perspex screens are in place for manicures
  • Perspex chairs have replaced our fabric manicure / pedicure chairs
  • drinks will be served in disposable cups

What to expect when arriving for your treatment:
  • we kindly ask you to wait in your car and we will come to get you when we are ready
  • your temperature will be taken before entering Nu-Me
  • we will then take you to wash your hands before we take you to your treatment area
  • we will wash our hands, put on the correct PPE then carry out your treatment
  • once your treatment is completed we will wash our hand, re book and take payment

Here is a polite list of what we ask of you when visiting us:
  • we kindly ask you to wear a face mask ( we will supply you one if you can’t bring your own)
  • please come to your appointment alone unless you need a carer with you the please let us know in advance so we can set up in the correct area
  • please keep to your appointment time
  • call us in advance if you can’t make the appointment if you are experiencing any Covid 19 symptoms
  • we ask you to leave any unnecessary belongings at home
  • we ask you to put your phone on silent and refrain from using it during your treatment
  • we ask you to refrain from opening any doors or handles (other than the toilet door)
  • we ask you to use the toilet facilities before your treatment begins as the sanitising process takes too long to do during a treatment which will make us run late, we allocate time before and after every treatment to sanitise the areas used with chlorine or bleach

If you are in the ‘vulnerable ‘ category please let us know at time of booking & we will ensure your treatment will be done in area with no other people

Contact Us

30 Waterside, Kings Langley,
Hertfordshire, WD4 8HH

Tel: 01923 266043
Email: nu-me153@hotmail.co.uk